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FTA has the ability to translate clients requirements into solutions that demonstrate higher productivity, enhanced brand value and higher levels of staff and customer satisfaction.


Based on the city model concept and its operations, at FTA we design developing zones with a balance between industry, o ces and all the livability of a vibrant city.


With more than 70 business parks built, at FTA we provide you consultancy and design services that cover the whole project cycle, from preliminary scheme, positioning, design construction to investment attraction.


At FTA we go beyond the convencional office building design and with a focus on sustainability we stress on conceiving creative and innovative solutions to provide you buildings that stand out from their surrounding environment.


With a strong expertise in office design, at FTA we can ensure you an e cient and productive workplace customized to your company needs, which will boost your employee health and satisfaction as well as your company brand image and outcomes.

If we’ve helped these clients, we can help you

With our international design tailored to your company needs and values, we can ensure a project which reflects and improves your company image and fitness.

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