About us

FTA is a German office for urban planning, architecture, interior
design and landscape design in Shanghai.
In over ten years working on office design in China, FTA collected
a rich experience and built an exceptional expertise in the field of
work place design.
Recent years brought a tremendous change to the design of
work places influenced by the development of technology, by the
change of the society and by the general globalization.
Being well integrated into an international network of research
institutes and specialists, FTA guarantees the best customized
solution for every project.

Our clients

Fortune Global 500

Bank of China
Bank of Communications
Shanghai SPD Bank

Top 30 property developers
of China

Wanda Group
Greenland Group
Shimao Group
YIDA Group

Top 500 Enterprises of China

Haier Group
Wanxiang Group
Ningbo Bank

Top 10 Banks of China

Bank of China
Construction Bank
Bank of Communications
Shanghai SPD Bank
Agricultural Bank of China
Ningbo Bank