Focus on industrial city

We believe that the development of industry is the most important dynamic mechanism of urbanization development, is the foundation of innovation.

We believe a sustainable, has the vigor and charm, a community of city is the soil of industrial development, as a catalyst for innovation.

By industry and city inner link of practice, we think that the development of urban industry and adjustment, the urban population of absorption for industry, how to effectively implement and spatial vision is Chinese city in the development, transformation and renewal process of the three core issues.

Focus on industry research

FTA insisted on planning and design, healthy development of industry based on industry research on the healthy development of the core city. Appropriate and visionary industry selection, will be an important cornerstone of healthy urban development.

Industry community

Solve an integration between the industry and the people, is the “last kilometer” industrial town in Building mixed functional diversity, an appropriate ratio of features, convenient infrastructure, focusing on people and places connected to communicate with each other, the FTA advocates industrial community ideas.

Holistic approach

FTA has accumulated rich industrial park location and operating experience as well as from the planning to the integration of design and planning consulting architectural landscape, conducive to the implementation of the project and post-landing operations, ordered the construction industry to promote the city, landing until monomer project built in, this feature is also a FTA has long been recognized by the owners of reasons.