Office Building

Your office building is the face of your company and the first impression visitors get when visiting you. A building that conveys your company brand image and outstands from its surroundings without disturbing is of utmost importance for your business success.

In the actual panorama of the architecture landscape the predominant buildings are the “shoe-box” style with only focus in cost control and no care for design or the extremely expressionist ones with the only purpose of exhibit the architects ego. None of them have in mind the requirements and needs of the client or final users and the quality is usually left behind.

With a strong expertise in office building design, we can ensure you an outstanding but elegant and simple building customized to your company and business needs, which will boost your employee health and satisfaction as well as your company brand image and outcomes.

Your office building is your company business card.



At FTA our care for sustainability goes from the design strategy stage to the final details as materials choice. We aim to help saving the natural environment while also improving your company outcomes with less resources.


The health, wellbeing and productivity of the office users is one of our main concerns at FTA. Early considerations at the building design can have tremendous impact in the way users work and enjoy the interior space.

Operation oriented

In order to deliver a building that suits the user present needs while still being flexible to adapt to future needs, it is of utmost importance for us in FTA to understand the diversity of possible office layouts, space needs and office building requirements.

Elegant + Low-cost design

Knowing the existing challenges to translate the design phase into the construction phase, at FTA we simplify our building design and construction elements in order to achieve a very elegant, functional and high-quality building while keeping it low-cost.

Our Services

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